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A Cloth Napkin Project

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If you recall, one of my New Years’ goals was to switch from paper napkins and paper towels to cloth. I had several white cloth napkins from earlier, but I wanted some that fit with my international theme. I had more of the Kenyan kikoy fabric I used to make the pillows here, IMG_5868

so I cut it into roughly 16-in squares, IMG_5871

hemmed them up with a mitered corner (The one below isn’t hemmed yet, but it does show the mitered corner),


and started using them. (Two kinds of napkins shown below–definitely not going to be ironing napkins any time soon.)


This also satisfied the centerpiece need. Centerpiece= 1 functional basket of cloth napkins.


Also, I’m curious. Take the survey and let me know if you use cloth or paper for your face wiping needs.


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