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A new kitchen!

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Well, folks, life is showing no signs of slowing any time soon, so blogging is still on the back burner not likely to happen. But, I am doing really really well. I say with the Psalmist: “The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.”

A random post to show the before and afters on the new kitchen. No time for commentary; I’m just going straight to pics. For some before and afters of the dining room from long ago, see here.08-IMG_1135


Okay, really quick commentary. Problems to note with original kitchen were: 20 inch stove, no hood at all, little counterspace and outlets, strange old fan through the wall, beat up linoleum, and carpet just inside back door (it was gross.) and until a year and a half ago, there was a wall with cabinet between it and the dining room.

The wall:




Beautiful new kitchen. Problems solved. and my own special desk. We didn’t do much ourselves, so it cost a lot, but we hopefully increased the house value by the same amount. (The dining table is not back yet, because we are waiting for the new poly on the floors to cure longer. ) I am enjoying it a lot and putting it to work. Hooray!




I’ve since filled up the open shelving.




One thought on “A new kitchen!

  1. Hello sweet friend!! I love your kitchen remodel but even more I loved “hearing” from you!!!


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