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Fridge Finds: What’s (Really) Cooking #5

My friend Meredith has her blog post up at The White Pages, and she forgot about it until this morning, so there is no hypocrisy there. We are talking real food from real housewives with part-time jobs, folks.

She may be having a rough week, but this girl has whipped me up some ziti and veggies, turkey tetrazzini, and creamy Italian chicken when I was having a rough week or had just had a kid, so I know she’s good at coming through when it counts and keeping people fed. Totally unrelated, but she also runs marathons. Crazy.

Anyway, check out her post here.


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Fridge Finds: What’s (Really) Cooking #4

This week’s installment of fridge finds is from Elissa at Winding Down with the Whiteds. Elissa’s husband was in grad school the same time as us, but finished a couple months before TSH, and they moved across the country. Then a few months later, we moved to a completely different part of the country. We are now nearly as far from them as we can be in America. Our best hope for meeting again is back in Blacksburg. Alas. ūüė¶

They have a toddler as well–apparently this is a trend among my friends–so are all about quick prep meals, which I definitely appreciate. Check out her meal plan!

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Fridge Finds: What’s (Really) Cooking, Part I

As I mentioned in yesterday’s grocery budget post, for the next month, I’m going to be linking up to some friends’ blogs where we’ll be sharing what’s on the meal docket for a week. The first installment is today from Katherine at Rhymes with Smile, who you may remember from the “Creative Ways to Make Money” series.

Hope you enjoy!