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Date Night Christmas Present!


In lieu of spending much money on gifts for each other this past Christmas, TSH and I signed up to take a knife skills class together at a local kitchen store. We’re good at spending time together talking about administrative things, but wanted to have a date doing something fun and non-administrative together. Thankfully, we have a couple of friends who are willing to babysit in exchange for pizza and cookies. (Yay, Halls!)

The class was last Thursday, and we learned a lot! I had apparently never known how to use a knife correctly (This requires a demonstration.) or peel carrots correctly (Go back and forth, using both directions of the peeler.) I should be much faster in the kitchen now. TSH is even better at it than me. It is tough to best that kid at something. Alas…

Here we are. I had forgotten to put the memory card back in my camera, but thankfully another student took a picture for me. (Thanks, Carolyn!)


What’s a fun date you’ve been on lately?

P.S. Papa Johns is giving away free pizza coupons if you guess the Superbowl coin toss correctly. So guess opposite from your spouse or a friend, and you’re guaranteed a free pizza! Here’s the link. You have to sign up by Saturday night.


2 thoughts on “Date Night Christmas Present!

  1. Cool date night! How about a skype demonstration sometime? I’m interested in knowing whether or not I’ve always used a knife incorrectly (I bet I have).

    Thanks for the pizza link … we will be signing up 🙂

  2. Well I guess if you didn’t know how to use a knife correctly, then you must had a teacher that didn’t know either. Glad we can always learn. As to TSHs skills, I would expect no less from a samurai warrior! He has been practicing with some swords I bet. I wouldn’t mess with him. Hope you have lots of happy dates! Great pic too!

    Love you all, Mom

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