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Teaching Truth to Toddlers


I never got around to posting my new year’s goals for 2014 or summarizing how we did on last year’s (answer: not too bad except on the television show limit–failed there), but one of them is the same–learn a verse a week. I’m sticking with the fighter verses that Bethlehem Baptist is doing for the year, and I bought PG these: the foundation verses.


They cost me $8 including shipping, but you could easily make your own. I have just been trying to cut down on things I do myself, and I don’t mind spending a bit extra on tools to help us learn the Bible.

We practice our verses at lunch and switch to new ones on Mondays. PG loves her verse cards, and with the picture and first word prompt can say the first six. Still working on the seventh. Pretty good!


2 thoughts on “Teaching Truth to Toddlers

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Andrea! Just ordered these as well as Helping Children to Understand the Gospel booklet. Can’t wait to start.

  2. That’s great! She will probably remember the verses she learns now for the rest of her life. My family still remembers the ABC verses we did when we were little, one for each letter of the alphabet.

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