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September House Progress


We didn’t quite get as far as we wanted with our home improvements before the birthday party, but we were at least able to get them to a clean and decent-looking condition, and now two more rooms have painted walls. Everything is still obviously in progress though, so please don’t be too judgmental yet ;). It’s a long journey.

The bedroom:  Cathedral Gray by Behr color matched to Ace’s Clark and Kensington paint. I think the color looks a little weird here because the trim is still unfortunately cream–we’re planning to paint it white. It’s a nice calm, sleep-inducing color in real life.





The living room: Crossroads by Ace’s Clark and Kensington (the same color we have in the office). TSH had to re-mud and sand this room due to the previous owners not prepping the drywall correctly before hanging wallpaper. and then we painted it with a high-hiding primer before the main coats of paint to even out the texture differences. We also took the built-ins out. We like the idea of built-ins, but didn’t like these–we think maybe because they extended in front of the fireplace and were only on one side. We’re planning to whitewash the fireplace and spray paint metallic fixtures with oil rubbed bronze paint. Tonight we’re going to get some brackets to affix our bookshelves to either side of the fireplace and rearrange the furniture. Those boxes in front of the fireplace are some of the books we pulled out of the built-ins.


IMG_7567 IMG_7571

Previously: IMG_7505

Originally (before we moved in):IMG_7119

We were able to get some random things done as well…the back yard used to have an old cesspool in it, and a stump from a bush my dad mostly took out. TSH recruited some help one weekend, and the guys got both of those leveled, and used the decorative bricks to make a fire pit on the other side of the yard. We’re going to let the dirt settle around the rocks they filled the cesspool hole in with, and then add some more dirt and sod next spring, so we will have a nice smooth, grassy yard eventually.



Originally (from a different angle–the birdbath was hiding the cesspool cover):


TSH also replaced the outlets in the living room with tamper-resistant ones and switched out all the dimmer switches in the house (5, each a different type) with normal switches.

Here’s the one in our bedroom, which shows you how badly the trim needs painted white. Not sure why it’s tilted though. I didn’t notice that until now.


Next up, I’m plugging away on the wallpaper upstairs. There were three layers of wallpaper (Ugh!), and then the bottom layer had some sort of brown cardboard behind it instead of smooth walls (Double Ugh!), so TSH is planning to mud those once I get as much paper off as possible.


I also have some curtains in the works for downstairs, so hopefully we’ll have those up soon along with some wall art. It’s beginning to feel like home around here!

Has anyone else peeled off wallpaper to find brown walls beneath?


3 thoughts on “September House Progress

  1. All of your hard work is making a massive difference! It looks amazing!

  2. It’s looking great!!! So proud of all your hard work!

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