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Party for a Little Girl


(The third trimester, terrible twos, a cold, and the home renovation push before the winter have me wiped these days, but I’ll be back with a report on the house progress next week.)

We did a letter P-themed birthday party for PG and a bunch of her two-year old friends. It involved several of PG’s favorite things: the pool, face paint, and puzzles, as well as pizza and pineapple-flower topped cupcakes. She actually had friends here from four in the afternoon the day before, so she had a fun-packed two days.  We tried to keep the presents from getting out of hand by prohibiting presents from party-goers, but a couple people couldn’t resist, and PG’s aunts, uncles, and grandparents loaded her up. These are not the greatest of pictures, but they do show a glimpse of our day:

Checking out the stack of presents (The table and chairs from IKEA were the big one from us, although there were a few other small things including a family height chart/stick that I painted.) IMG_7515

Pancakes with blueberry sauce for breakfast. I love these two.IMG_7522

PG and her friend E showing off their coordinating skirts. (sewn by E’s mom)IMG_7528

Hummingbird Cupcakes with Pineapple flowers. (recipe from Annie’s Eats)


The girls choosing which designs they wanted on their faces.


Another guest modeling the face paint.


PG refused to smile for any pictures from this point on.


PG with some of her friends from church. (PG wanted to stay in her swimsuit after getting out of the pool.)


Thanks to all those who contributed to our sweet girl’s special day!


7 thoughts on “Party for a Little Girl

  1. Can I use that pic of the girls in their skirts on my blog? I didn’t get a good one of them. Too much movement 🙂 We had so much fun! Or, should I say … we were Pleased Persons at the Pleasure of Participating in PG’s P-Party

  2. Looks like it was a fun day! 🙂

  3. Aw so cute and fun. Love that she has a summery birthday and could do the pool – I wish we could, too!

  4. Looks wonderful. Happy day and year to your sweet girl! So fun that the Liles could come be part of it all, I’m jealous. Your cupcakes are beautiful 😀

  5. I dreamed about her last night, just as big as she in the pink pajamas, but she had a very strange hair style in my dream. We were out or picnic and she went to hide under the picnic table, and when she tried to get out, she bent her head very carefully and then back out very slowly, without bumping her head on the table. We all applauded!

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