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Progress on the Free House Projects


Here’s where we stand on our no-money-spent house projects for the month:

One completed project. Kudos to TSH on finishing the banister, and thanks for our friend Matt for letting us borrow his miter saw.


(This was what it looked like a month ago.)IMG_7353

One room with nearly prepped walls. Still need to scrub the glue off the top of one more wall for a couple more hours and fill in the holes with spackle.

IMG_7508 IMG_7507

(Here’s what this room looked like 2 months ago.)IMG_7194

…and one room that looks worse before it looks better. This is what happens when someone uses stuff called “wallpaper seam repair” and you tries to remove the wallpaper later. There’s nothing like pulling off wallpaper a couple weeks before your daughter’s birthday party to make you get in gear and get the job finished though, so we hope to have it looking good in a couple of weeks.


(Here’s what this room looked like three months ago.)IMG_7119

Here are two of the workers, scrubbing away!IMG_7500


5 thoughts on “Progress on the Free House Projects

  1. You guys are so good for this house. Awesome work! Can’t wait to see the finished work next time we’re there!

  2. Good job, PG! By the way, does Tim lost some weight? He looks so skinny now from the side !

  3. first, congratulations!!! somehow i missed that you were preggo!!! will you find out the gender? also, i noticed in the living room ya’ll have built-in-book shelves that weren’t there before. how did you do it?

    • Baby #2 is a boy :). I’m not sure how rearing boys works, so I may have to call you for some tips :). The built-ins were there originally, and we took them out…I think you confused the before and after pics. We like the idea of built-ins, but didn’t like those particular ones, and they didn’t work with our double bookshelves. I’ll post a more advanced “after” soon, as the walls are looking pretty good now.

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