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House Progress


We’ve been working on our house for the last month, and I’m ready to take a break from wallpaper, and I almost have myself organized.  Here are some of the laborers in action.



And here is the progress we made:

Dining Room Before (cream wallpaper, blue carpet)


Dining Room Current (Iced Mauve by Benjamin Moore, color matched to Clark and Kensington Paint [Clark and Kensington from Ace Hardware–rated the best this year according to Consumer Reports, and only $25/gallon on sale], and under the chair rail, Heather Plume by Behr, color matched to Clark and Kensinton Paint, original hardwoods).


Bathroom Before (flowered wallpaper–I took this picture after I had stripped most off, but you can see it in the pic of the bathroom closet)


Bathroom Current. (Pale Celery paint by Behr. I’m not sure I’m sold on it yet, but it only took a quart, and now that the wallpaper is down, if we want to repaint, it will be much easier. The wallpaper in this room was a beast. We took the closet door off, and got the black baskets at the Christmas Tree Shop.) This is the most organized I’ve ever been in my life.

IMG_7344 IMG_7345 IMG_7349IMG_7347

Stairs Before (Cream wallpaper, blue carpet–These were what they looked like when PG fell down them)


Stairs Current (Sedona Sands and Mosaic White paints by Clark and Kensington, original hardwoods, banister added, but not painted or ends put on yet)


Office Before (Cream wallpaper, blue carpet)


Office Current (Crossroads paint [a shade darker than Sedona Sands, but this room is less shadowed, so they look the same] by Clark and Kensington, original hardwoods). Still need to paint the trim and change up the furniture in this room, not to mention organize.


And here are some of the places we haven’t done much to change yet. Yes, every single room had wallpaper. I don’t want to talk about it. These pics are also from before we closed, when the original owners’ furniture was still in the house.

Kitchen Before (cream wallpaper [are you noticing a trend?])


Bedroom Before (The carpet is gone now but the wallpaper is still there.)


Kids’ Room #1 Before (USA wallpaper)

IMG_7106 IMG_7107

Kids’ Room #2 Before

IMG_7108 IMG_7109

Living Room Before (beige wallpaper, cream carpet)

IMG_7119 IMG_7120

All in all, I am really loving this house, but I am having to hold myself back from wanting to change everything at once. One of my friends’ dream is to buy a fixer-upper farmhouse, but I think my dream is to buy a turn-key house, haha!

Anyway, what do you think? Any ideas or tips?


8 thoughts on “House Progress

  1. holey moley! you’ve just been in there a month! I can’t believe how much you’ve gotten done in that short amount of time. I like the colors you all are choosing – the fact that they are COLORS! – and am seriously impressed with the progress. Can’t wait to visit next week!
    PS. The dress that PG is wearing in the pic of the 2nd bedroom – I just got E the same one (or very similar) at a thrift store. So fun!

  2. The work you guys have done is AMAZING! And you guys have done SOOO much already! I’m so impressed!! Bravo!

  3. Looking good Andrea. Love the original hardwood floors. What a difference they make! I can’t see it real close, but I think the upstairs second bedroom wallpaper looks cute for a little girls room. If you wanted a break from removing wallpaper! Are there hardwood floors up there too?

    I have an itch to remodel (without the freedom) now that we are in our new house. That’s the problem with renting. : ) Our kitchen has dark cupboards, dark countertops, and dark flooring. Oh well! : )

  4. The house looks great! It seems as though you guys have been working hard! I think the wallpaper in the kids room is cute, too. Wallpaper has made a comeback, if that makes you feel better about leaving it up! I hope your house feels like home! 🙂

  5. Andrea. Wow!!!! You guys have done a great job, and SO much work already. The hardwood floors are awesome, what a total score that they were all under there. I can’t believe every room has wallpaper, you are such a champ. I love the fireplace in the office and bulit-ins in the living room. The angled ceilings (I know there is a term for that but I forget it) and creative built-ins in the kids rooms are great. And I am soooo jealous of your organized bathroom closet. I mean, the rest of that room looks nice too, but the closet is my favorite ;-). (My bathroom closet could use a serious overhaul at the moment…)

  6. What a lovely house. I love all the built-ins. You don’t need any advice; you’re doing a terrific job of re-imagining the old into the 21st century. Love the colors!

  7. This looks so great!! I love that you exposed all the original hardwoods – we pulled one room up in our house, but it definitely didn’t look that nice. Did you refinish them? Love all your colors, too – such a dramatic difference. I totally feel your wallpaper pain; though we definitely didn’t have quite as much as ya’ll. During the thick of it, I had to keep reminding myself of how amazing the “after” was going to be. =)

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