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Hot Air Balloon Baby Mobile


I’ve mentioned here and here and here, that I like giving baby mobiles as gifts. Just before we left Virginia, I finished up the hanging balloons for a mobile for a baby boy we’d get to meet on the trek to New England.


I used this girl’s pattern for the balloons, but that girl was too skilled for me. She sewed circles on the bottoms of her hot air balloons, but I couldn’t figure out how to get that to work. I just left them open and capped it with a felt basket, so no one could see anyway. I also had to start sewing the pieces from the top of the balloon, if I wanted them to line up at all at the end.

I made the baskets by just cutting out felt, folding it into a basket shape, pinning it, and stitching with embroidery floss in a backstitch–um, my only hand stitch. See here:


I then sewed the baskets to the balloons by using one long loose piece of embroidery floss and just knotting it inside the basket. I also tied a knot in a long satin ribbon and stitched the knot to the top. You may be able to see better here:


Have you given any fun baby gifts lately?


4 thoughts on “Hot Air Balloon Baby Mobile

  1. cute! I made a fabric growth chart for Claire’s 2nd birthday. 🙂

  2. Oh those little balloons are so sweet! I’ve got a baby niece who would love this!

  3. I love hot air balloons, and I love hand-sewing! (I love anything that doesn’t require a huge investment in tools and equipment). Cute idea, and I especially like the way you simplified the original pattern. Good thinking!

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