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Another State Pillow (and some observations on New Jersey).

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My cousin got married in February, and I made her a state pillow since the last one was a favorite. We got to hand deliver it and meet her new husband on our journey up north. Here it is. New Jersey has a lot of bumpy coastline.


And since you guys liked the state observations so much, here were mine on New Jersey: (In which I have not spent a ton of time. We mostly drive through here on our way somewhere else, so these are all from the road).

1. The gas stations are all full service as far as we can tell. I kind of like this, since I don’t like to pump my gas, but TSH may have driven an extra 20 minutes trying to find a self serve station (and one we didn’t need to pay in cash). We failed on both counts. The gas was pretty cheap though.

2. We could not make a left-hand turn, or a right-hand turn. We could only go straight at intersections, so if we needed to turn, we had to take a small exit-like road before the intersection.

3. You need lots of cash to get through New Jersey. Both for tolls and for gas. I think we used up about $60 just in new Jersey. We thought we had planned ahead (neither of us normally carry more than $20), but we ended up having to write a check to a friend in NY in exchange for $30 in cash to make it the rest of the way.

4. Fun people live in New Jersey. It’s a long state, but we’ve never lacked a friend to stop at for lunch on our way through :).


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