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Top 10 Things I’m Excited about in Rhode Island (and some newcomer observations)


1. TSH’s 8 to 5 job.

What!! Who knew these even existed anymore, especially for people with PhDs? Going to be a nice change of pace from the past few years :).

2. Our own house.

(Hopefully). We’re working on it, and I’ll keep you posted. We may or may not be hoping for one with a large fenced-in back yard, and a Del’s frozen lemonade shop about a 1 minute walk away.

3. Nearby Coastline.

This isn’t called the Ocean State for nothing. Several houses even in our price range boasted a less-than-one-mile walk to water. Of course, Florida still wins for best beaches and most sunshine (Yay, Florida!), but I’ll not turn down any type of ocean.

4. Cool cities nearby.

NYC is three hours, Boston is one hour. Other nearby destinations include Martha’s vineyard, Newport, Cape Cod, and pretty much any New England state.

5. Excellent restaurants.

Not only have I spied McCormick and Schmicks, the seafood place whose cookbook I got at a white elephant gift exchange a year ago, but the Melting Pot, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, and Flemings are currently less than 5 miles away. Outside of chains, there appears to be some serious ethnic cuisine of the Italian, Indian, Thai, Japanese, and Mediterranean varieties. My mouth is already starting to water.

6. Possibly being able to have foster kids.

This is something we’ve wanted to do for a few years, but have yet to have legally acceptable bedroom space and plan to live in the same state for long enough. Maybe this will happen here!

7. Attending BSF.

I mentioned this before, but I have officially signed myself up for BSF up here, and am looking forward to studying the book of Matthew and having some multi-age fellowship.

8. The CSA I have lined up for the summer.

I am a sucker for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), and I really am looking forward to the vegetable and meat share we’ll be getting starting in June. Basically, it prevents me from becoming an angry person, which may or may not tend to happen when I try to garden and Bambi eats 23 tomatoes.

9. TSH’s 8 to 5 Job.

Did I mention this yet? And that he gets weekends off too?

10. Family Zoo Membership

Yay for the zoo being 10 minutes away. We get a bring a guest free, so come visit!

As a bonus, here are my first week observations on Rhode Islanders:

1. No one uses their garage for their car, even in the winter. They view garages as storages, and owners of two houses we looked at cut into the back of the garage making it too short for a car anyway. In the words of one realtor we met, “If you put your car in the garage in the winter, then you’re soft.” and “How will people know you’re home if your car is parked in the garage?”

2. A seriously high percentage of houses have pools. Not quite as many as Florida, but definitely higher than Virginia. This is interesting to me, since I am expecting about 3 months of swimmable weather here per year. Maybe I’m too “soft.”

3. Del’s frozen lemonade stands and Dunkin Donuts are on literally every other block.

4. We have not met a single unfriendly person yet, and TSH and I have been expecting it since this is some of what we heard about New Englanders. Way to disappoint, Rhode Island! They do all have accents. TSH walks around practicing his New England accent on the word “Boston.”

5. We have seen several Newfoundland dogs, which I had never seen in real life before. They are big! A lady and girl walking theirs let PG and I pet it.

What do you think? Is there anything I should know about Rhode Islanders?


8 thoughts on “Top 10 Things I’m Excited about in Rhode Island (and some newcomer observations)

  1. sounds like a great start! I forgot about how many Dunkin Donuts there are up there — yummy!!!! Hope you do get a house near the water — what fun! Miss you and glad to hear a positive report 🙂

  2. I love this post! Sounds like an awesome next few years ahead of your guys! Also, believe me, I totally get the excitement over an 8-5 job!!

  3. I am glad there are many positive things to look forward to in your new city/state! I’m praying for your home purchase!!!

  4. awesome!! loved reading these. also, way to focus on the positive things in the midst of all the upheaval and change. i can only IMAGINE the difference you will experience with the 8-5 job, what a great great blessing!

  5. Sounds very enjoyable! I am glad to see your updates!

  6. Welcome to the Ocean State–we visited here for years and finally moved here in January. Loving it!! Hope you will love it, too.

    What you should know about Rhode Islanders–I think you’ve already figured it out. They’re the opposite of unfriendly; that’s a bad rap they get possibly because of their aggressive driving. But, if you stand in the middle of the block (not at an intersection) and even remotely look as if you might want to cross the street, they’ll all stop politely to let you cross–sweet! and I’ve never experienced that kind of consideration anywhere else.) Plus, if you need anything, directions, help carrying the baby’s car seat, information about where to find this or that–they jump in and help.

    What you should know: if you make friends with Rhode Islanders who lives 20 miles away, don’t expect to see them often, and don’t take it personally. They act like crossing a town line is the same as traveling to a foreign country. I’m serious. They’ll point it out to you, if they’re in the car with you. “Now we just crossed over from Providence into Cranston,” and believe me, I never would have noticed if they hadn’t told me. But THEY notice big time. Like all the town lines are electrified and they have shock collars on or something.

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