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Top 10 Things I’ll miss about Blacksburg, Virginia


1. Friends

From about our second week in Blacksburg, we had friends who rejoiced with us, mourned with us, and who we felt comfortable calling to ask for help at any time of day. I am really going to miss dropping in at these girls’ houses, although thanks to a private blog, we’ve done well staying in touch through at least one year of dispersion. Here’s a small sampling of them from last summer.


2. Blacksburg Christian Fellowship

Also, from about our second week, we were blessed to be part of a wonderful church. Really going to miss them, and hoping God provides another great one up north!

3. Hokie Football season

I generally don’t even follow sports–except Hokie Football. They are just my team. I was even friends with two former longsnappers. I’m not sure people up north will appreciate the maroon and orange colors that now make up all my clothing.

4 and 5. Cheap gas and internet

Due to Kroger points, I paid $2.80/gallon for the last tank of gas I got before we left (originally $3.20). Also, the internet bill is almost certain to go up from $15/month. bummer.

6. The Starlight Drive-in theatre.

This is just a fun and cheap place to go in the summer, and there aren’t too many still around.

7. Berry picking in friend’s yards.

I have gotten mass quantities of free raspberries, blackberries, wineberries, blueberries, black heart cherries, and muscadine grapes the past four summers. Sadly, I’m guessing that’s not going to happen this year.

8. Steppin’ Out

I love this local artisan street fair, and I like seeing so many people I know at it. RI has some fun festivals, but I’m guessing I won’t run into all my friends at them.

9. Kroger

Finally when I got in the Kroger coupon groove, we’re moving to a place that doesn’t have one. going to have to start from scratch. Also, no joke, I always run into at least two people I know at Kroger–benefits of a small town.

10. Fall in Blacksburg

(…and the rest of the weather, to be honest–You get every season, and they are all mild.)


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Things I’ll miss about Blacksburg, Virginia

  1. Great post, Andrea! I miss most all of those things too. It’s funny you said Kroger, bc I still miss that and it’s been almost a year!

  2. You are on my missed list!

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