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The Conclusion of the Unpaper Towels

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A few months ago, I listed on my New Years Resolutions Post my desire to switch to “unpaper” towels.  I eventually cut up an old flannel sheet into 11″ x 11″ squares and 11″ x 5.5″ rectangles and stuck them in a drawer in a kitchen. I debated zig-zag stitching around the edges like I did with my baby wipes, but this post convinced me not to. I did do an experiment to see if pinking shears cut down on fraying:

Rag on the right, straight cut. Rag on the left, pinked. I think it worked okay, although the zigzag stick would have really eliminated fraying, albeit been a lot more work.


We’ve been using them for at least a month now–I’ve just been delayed on posting.  Here’s the deal though– While this has definitely cut down on our use of paper towels, there are times I find the paper towel better–mostly for gross things. Considering that we have a coin-operated washer, I just don’t like doing a

I have determined that I like having six cleaning “paper” products around the house: cloth napkins, non-bath washcloths (good for spills, the table, kids’ grubby faces and hands), unpaper towels (thinner than a washcloth, and used for draping over the rice cooker and cleaning mirrors and windows), paper towels (for gross messes), kleenex, and toilet paper… and sometimes I spoil myself with Swiffer-type wet moppers for the floor. I think I’m going to stay with that arrangement though, and have to modify my resolution from “Switch from paper…towels to cloth” to “cut down on paper towel usage.” That is the conclusion of the matter. Let me know your conclusions on paper towels!

Hope you have a great week!

***By the way, our garage sale went okay…the traffic was low, possibly due to the cold, gray morning, and we were selling a bunch of college stuff at the wrong time of year (microwave, anyone?), but we still made more than a hundred, got rid of a lot of stuff, and combined with the Craigslist and Ebay sales from the previous few weeks netted over $400 on stuff we wanted to get rid of. Not too shabby!

***Also, if you like homemaking books or homemaking blogs, you might be interested in this huge Ebook sale Erin at the Humbled Homemaker is having. It goes through May 4, and you get 91 e-books with resources on cooking, budgeting, homeschooling, natural living, exercise, decorating, etc for less than $30. Truth in the Tinsel, a book recommended to me back at Christmas is in the mix, and The Grocery Budget Toolbox, a cumulative guide to cutting your grocery bill, are in the mix. It doesn’t help me or anything for you to buy…I just thought it was a really good deal.


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