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Easter Events

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I promised before I would share our Easter plans, and Easter is almost here!

I had lofty goals of making a paper mache tomb around a jar like we had when I was a kid. We’d block it off with a paper mache lid Friday night, station G.I. Joe guards in front, and then Easter morning the guards would be on their faces, the stone rolled away, and a cabbage patch tiny angel would be standing inside. But I didn’t get very motivated, because I didn’t think it would mean anything to PG, and because I didn’t want to buy stuff right before we move in a month-ish. So, back to the basics–here’s what’s going on around here.

–Possibly attending the Good Friday service tonight.

–Free egg hunt tomorrow if PG doesn’t get sleepy at that time. 🙂

–My brother and his girlfriend arrive!

–Sunday morning cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Probably with icing crosses painted on. (I do like the idea of the Empty tomb rolls, but I have a bad memory of them making a huge marshmallow mess on the pan when I was a kid. I don’t think anyone else has had this problem, so one of these days I need to face my fear and give them a try.)

–Easter basket for PG. Here’s what hers has in it this year:


(puzzles and summer hat [both from Once Upon a Child], hair barrettes, and hair bands)

–Resurrection Day service at church.

–And then–what I have done the past seven years for Easter–Potluck! This is the second year I’m hosting it.   We love the potluck–not only does it cut down on cooking while still hosting lots of fun foods, but it is great to celebrate with friends, and the resurrection is the event that makes all events worth celebrating! Sometimes the friends we invite join us for the Easter service at church beforehand.

So, not the most intense or spiritual Easter plans, but they are becoming family traditions, and we are really looking forward to them.

What are you doing for Easter this year??


One thought on “Easter Events

  1. We are going to church with my parents and then coming to your potluck! Hope the weather stays awesome!

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