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Creative ways to make money #3: The Service


 (This is the third installment of a series on making extra money co-hosted by me and Katherine at Rhymes with Smile.)

One of the biggest ways I earn extra cash is by services. In China, this was by tutoring students in English and reading English scripts for radio programs and the students’ city-wide English tests. Yes, I used to be a famous voice in Beijing. 🙂

These days, I watch another little girl one day a week. I get paid $5/hour, roughly the cost per hour of putting a child in daycare. While it is true I don’t get any errands run on these days, letting my daughter play with her BFF is a pretty fun way to earn money. Just check out this cuteness:


If there are groups that have MOPS near you, they are always looking for and compiling lists of people to work the nursery or babysit, and ours pays $8/hour. Also, Craigslist has a section for childcare.

TSH does a service also–he does sound for weddings at our church. He has to be at the rehearsal and wedding, and gets paid $100 for each wedding–roughly $20/hour.  Here is the crazy part–TSH didn’t know how to work the sound board at all 5 years ago, but as my friend Mike Webster says, “Every church could use more sound guys” (or gals), so TSH volunteered and they trained him. That is his ministry at church, and it has also given him a near monopoly on sound at weddings. (Here he is, uploading a sermon after church.)IMG_6709

One year, he used the wedding money from a summer to buy this digital SLR camera. (Any low photo quality is due to this user’s ignorance, unfortunately. I’m working on that…)

Services are also a good way to give gifts. A couple of my videographer friends donated to the Pregnancy Resource Center near us by making them a promotional video. One of my skilled photographer friends frequently gives a session of maternity or family pictures as a baby shower gift.

So, think outside the box! What service can you do to make money or give as a gift?


2 thoughts on “Creative ways to make money #3: The Service

  1. Love the pics. Is that PG looking out the window as Tim is working the sound board? Great pic.

    Love, Mom

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