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Creative Ways to Make Money: The Intro


Recently one of my friends wanted to buy something substantial that wasn’t in her budget. She emailed me and Katherine at Rhymes with Smile asking for ideas on how to make extra money and suggesting we blog about it. This week and next, Katherine and I are doing a series together on creative things we do to make money.

Extra money can really help with strategic living because it isn’t budgeted yet. You still have to factor in taxes (if you make more than $400 extra) but other than that, you can give it all away if you want. You could be on a super-tight budget, and still give $100 to your friend’s adoption. Or take your spouse on a date, or take your kids to Chuck-E-Cheese. (Is that place even still around? Not in our small town, Virginia.) You get the idea. So get some ideas, and let your extra cash enable you to be more generous!

There are a few things the series will not include:

— winning free drawings or contests. This doesn’t mean we don’t recommend it, though! I won this at a science product expo when I was wanting to donate to a particular ministry, but didn’t have any extra. And sadly I still had this stub in my backpack 8 months later.


–sales that require convincing people they should buy something. (As someone who tries to buy as little as possible, I decided if I were to market a product, it would have to be something I really felt people needed–like sewing machines or good shoes. Or these glasses that cured TSH’s year of headaches.)

–anything encouraging dishonesty. We strongly discourage it!

–anything we’ll make money off you doing. Haha, not getting any benefits, but we would love to hear if you use our ideas!

Anyway, here’s a sneak peak at one of the ways coming up on Thursday.


If you had to give away an extra $200, who would it go to?


2 thoughts on “Creative Ways to Make Money: The Intro

  1. Looking forward to hearing more! 🙂

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