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10 Ways to Romance Your Spouse on the Cheap

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Just because Valentine’s Day is over does not mean you should wait a whole year to do something romantic for your spouse, and doing something romantic does not mean you need to spend lots of money. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Oh, and btw, if you or they have a Starbucks gift card you haven’t registered with at least $5 on it, register it before March 14, and get a free $5 added to it.

Back to the ideas:

1. Good old-fashioned love note. Even better if you know how to fold it into a paper balloon. Leave it somewhere they will find it.


2. Back massage, or back scratch, etc. Whatever they like.

3. Make a pdf card for their e-reader with hand-drawn illustrations. It can have several pages with coupons for redeemable services like back massages. (Don’t even try enlarging this illustration to read the fine print. It is purposefully small.)


4. Send them an Evite to a date night you come up with. Take note, if you give it a name like “Romantic Evening,” they might just RSVP “Count me in!” without actually reading any details, so make sure you mention anything they need to know to them in person.

5. Send them a romantic song while they’re at work. If you’re really ambitious, burn them an entire CD.

6. Do a household chore you don’t usually do.

7. Fry them eggs for breakfast in heart-shaped cookie cutters. (Grease the cookie cutters first.)

8. Make a meal fancy with placemats, nice glasses, etc. Um, assuming you don’t do this every meal. Ahem.

9. Draw a cartoon starring you and them.

10. Find a couple willing to watch your kids every other week or so, and you watch theirs the alternate weeks, so you can go out without paying a babysitter (Credit goes to the Highfields for this idea. We just watched someone else’s kids for free before we had a kid, and now someone without kids watches ours for free. )

Do you have any other ideas?


One thought on “10 Ways to Romance Your Spouse on the Cheap

  1. oohhh, I love the evite idea! I may have to do that for pizza night tomorrow night 😉

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