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Pumping Life Back into a Pump

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The Strategic Husband here.  Part of being strategic around The Strategic Household involves fixing things.  Why throw a broken item away if it just needs a little TLC?  Even if we don’t need it, maybe someone else could use it.  (Unfortunately I did not apply this rule to our brother’s old printer/copier over Christmas break, which received a teardown instead.  It was, however, rather educational.)  Sometimes the fixes are ultra simple‒enter this bike pump:


My sister sent this back home with us after our recent travels to Upland, Indiana, with the oft heard caveat “pitch it if it’s no good.”  It then sat neglected in the back of our car for three weeks.  Until this morning, when I partook of the 69 °F weather and decided I ought to get around to TSH’s request to pump up the tires on PG’s stroller, lest the girls needed to get out of the house.  If you didn’t notice from the picture (though if you did, the fact holds), the pump is missing a key component at the end of the hose:


The rubber hose apparently succumbed to some sort of catastrophic failure around the compression fitting.  I unscrewed the compression fitting and removed the piece of rubber hose still in the fitting.  The other end of the hose was cracked and slightly dry-rotted, so I removed a small portion of it with a razor blade:


In case you didn’t notice the dry rot (and because I took the time to take the picture):


Next I applied a (very) small amount of petroleum jelly to the tip of the hose, hoping to prevent any more rotting…


…readied the hose and fitting…


…remembered that the nut needs to go on the hose prior to putting the hose on the nipple…


…and voilà, a new-to-us working bike pump.


What my sister didn’t know is I’d been debating buying one of these for some time now, as my bike tires and the stroller tires have been losing air recently (likely due to the freezing weather).  With the new pump, I was finally able to fulfill TSH’s wish of a working stroller, ready for the amazing day.


Alas, she was watching two girls today and took the double stroller instead.

A simple fix to a $10 bike pump.  (Thanks, sis!)


One thought on “Pumping Life Back into a Pump

  1. Good job on that! Now I know who to give our 1st portable DVD player to that won’t hold its power adapter anymore!!

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