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The Advent Plan


I spent some time yesterday thinking about and reading ideas about Christmas presents and activities, to teach your kids about the real meaning of Christmas, and create some fun memories. Then last night TSH and I listened to a podcast where Phil Vischer was interviewed talking about celebrating St. Nick and Christmas as two different holidays. He also pointed out that for Christians, Easter should be the really big deal of the holidays, so I’ll need to come up with a plan for that when we get a bit closer. Anyway, I’ll share what we decided to do about Christmas gifts later, but today is advent calendar day. This is because December is only 1 day away, so I needed to get on the ball!

I saw a link to this DIY advent calendar, titled “DIY Advent Calendar for Broke People Who Line Dry Their Clothes.” I was like: “Hey! I am broke, and I line dry my clothes! This is the advent calendar for me!” and it really was. I had every single thing needed around my house. Basically, you cut out little trees from green paper, write numbers on them, and glue them to clothespins. Then you attach pieces of paper with activities to the clothespins, and every day you do the holiday activity that is on the paper. I put gold wrapping paper around the tree that represented Christmas, to set it apart. Here it is in all its glory:


And then I made my list of activities. Which needed to be 1. free  2. within 20 minutes of driving, and 3. appropriate for a 15 month old who doesn’t tolerate long books or more than 5 minutes of movies. The 3rd category got stretched a bit, but here is what we came up with (some ideas are taken from here and here):

Dec 1: Open gift with new ornament (I made PG one–will talk about in a later post) and put on tree.

Dec 2: Color Christmas cards.

Dec 3: Make Christmas cookies. (Try not to eat them all: need for next two days.)

Dec 4: Christmas song/dance party with two little girls

Dec 5: Take cookies to Daddy and co-workers at work.

Dec 6: Read Christmas story in Jesus Storybook Bible.

Dec 7: Town Lights Festival and Parade

Dec 8: Family Christmas pictures

Dec 9: Starbucks holiday drinks (free due to Bing rewards and birthday)

Dec 10: Go get food for food drive somewhere–still need to look into this.

Dec 11: Make Christmas cards with little girls.

Dec 12: Take Christmas cards to people.

Dec 13: Sing Christmas carols.

Dec 14: Drive-Through Live Nativity

Dec 15: Watch Muppets Christmas Carol.

Dec 16: Church Christmas Cantata (and free holiday pops concert earlier that day if we are really inspired)

Dec 17: Get Christmas book at the library and read it.

Dec 18: Act out Christmas story with Nativity set.

Dec 19: Listen to Christmas CDs,

Dec 20: Give Christmas cards to cousins.

Dec 21: Open Christmas presents with cousins.

Dec 22: Make sand angels.

Dec 23: Read “Piper the Hyper Mouse: Twas the night before Christmas.”

Dec 24: Go to Christmas Eve Service and Uncle Paul’s Storytime at Aunt and Uncle’s Church and to their house afterwards.

Dec 25: Christmas! Sing “Happy Birthday to Jesus.”

P.S. Our electric bill from mid-October through mid-November finally showed up, so TSH may be here Monday or Tuesday with a guest post letting you know the results on our electricity savings experiment.

P.P.S. This has been a sad day for our family. Pray for us this weekend and coming week please.


3 thoughts on “The Advent Plan

  1. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing! I’m sorry for the sad day, sending our prayers.

  2. So awesome!!! We too are working on our Advent plan and I WISH we had all the plan on paper… day at at time right now!!

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