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Gifts for the Christian life


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had fun with two of my brothers, and celebrated TWO birthdays. One, this cute little nephew who got to come home from the hospital on Thanksgiving (we had to see him via Facetime for now, but we’ll snuggle him at Christmas):

Here is my brother, the proud papa (This one did not come to visit–I have a lot of brothers):

The second birthday belonged to this big guy whose birthday was on Thanksgiving, so he got pumpkin pie! We took him “shopping” at Aunt Clara’s house (an empty house full of household items we may take if we don’t take anything with a high resale vaiue.) Anyway, we got him a bunch of kitchen stuff for his new life-on-his-own-with-a-job. I think he was pleased with his new loot. and hopefully he’ll be able to cook some more exciting food for himself.

Additionally, it cannot go unmentioned that a dear friend had a baby girl two days ago as well! so many sweet babies. I haven’t gotten to see this one yet, though. Not even on Skype. Soon.

I am always on the lookout for gifts that will encourage people spiritually, and that they will really like and use. So here are some ideas and some favorites around here:

Patch the Pirate CDs. Okay, nearly everyone knows about Adventures in Odyssey (except my college roommate–and being as it was a Christian college, my unit-mates and I were shocked! [I hope you have listened to Adventures in Odyssey by now, Katie :)]), but have you heard of Patch the Pirate? An hour-long piratey adventure with silly and spiritual songs–my parents always managed to have a new one of these before every road trip, and if it was a long trip, we might listen to the CD several times. You know it must be good when the parents don’t mind that. I would estimate these are best for age 4 and up.

The Jesus Storybook Bible. This is my mom’s new go-to baby shower gift. Basically, the writer, Sally Lloyd Jones, shows how every story that she uses in the book points to Jesus. This says for ages 4 and up, although the stories aren’t very long. A two or three-year-old who liked to be read to could handle it.

Rain for Roots. This is the CD that was sort of written to go with the Jesus Storybook Bible. The songs have some fun rhythm and tell a variety of Bible stories. Although I will issue a warning: each song asks the question “Who…?” in some form, and the answer is always God or Jesus–staying with the theme of the above book of everything pointing to Jesus. I think this annoyed the TSH a little bit, but the little girl, PG, loves these.
BSF preschool hymns. More songs on CD for Children from Bible Study Fellowship. Which I finally decided to get involved in, as soon as I get off the wait list for childcare.

Seeds Family worship CDs. These are all Scripture put to song. I actually haven’t heard these yet, but they come highly recommended by friends. And each pack gives you two CDs–one to share or swap or two gifts for the price one. Also, the word on the street is that Seeds of Purpose is the best.
Ok, some gift ideas for adults:

World Magazine. I mentioned in this post that I liked their podcasts, but the magazine is also good. If you have never received World before or are giving a subscription to someone who has, you can usually get some crazy deals. One year, I actually gave my brother an entire year’s subscription (26 issues) for $10. I quickly agreed to that one before the guy on the phone had time to tell me he made a mistake.

Getty’s music (or your favorite Christian artist). If you are encouraged by it, likely someone else will be too.

Logos Bible Software. Okay, this one is expensive (students do get a 30% discount though, and they have other discounts.), so you only want to give it to someone (or yourself) who you know would use it. but if somebody does faithfully read the Bible, then this tool is really cool. Basically, at the click of a button, you can view a commentary (or 4 or 5, if it is a particularly confusing passage), Bible handbook (tells about the history of the time), or Bible dictionary, etc. It turns just reading a passage into studying it in about the same amount of time. and if you’re like me and TSH, there are a lot of lines in the Bible that make you say “Huh? What does that mean?” You may still say that at the end, but you can at least compare what some major Bible scholars think.

Okay, that’s all I have for now. Do you have any other ideas or favorites? Please leave a comment and let me know!


3 thoughts on “Gifts for the Christian life

  1. actually rain for roots cd is based on sally Lloyd Jones’ Hug A Bible–pretty much word for word. i’m biased of course, but we LOVE the music. S can sing all of the songs.

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