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A Thanksgiving Week Poem

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Before we dig into turkey (which this year is ham),

I must give public thanks to the Great I AM,

Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides,

Has been faithful again through the changing tides.

We haven’t bought laundry soap in over a year,

Thanks to college kids who don’t hold theirs so dear.

Except for socks, PG has clothes through next fall.

I didn’t buy those either, for free they were all.

Three years of caring for a widow allowed us to save,

This year I stay home, yet no loans o’er us wave.

Our house is so light, is so quiet, has closets galore,

has a yard and a dishwasher–It was quite a score!

I’m all done with school, and Tim’s almost done.

He’s gotten interviews for jobs we hope will be won.

PG’s a great sleeper, and a good eater too.

A sweeter girl you can’t find–believe it, it’s true!

Tim’s so good to me; he even does dishes.

I try not to take advantage– he’d do all of my wishes.

Our friends babysit free, to let us go on some dates.

I try to pay them in food, but you can’t beat their rates.*

We love our church, and our friends in this town!

They are a huge blessing– without them we’d wear down!

We’ve so much for which to be thankful this holiday feast

One more thing must be mentioned. It’s last but not least…

Our sins have been forgiven; Christ paid that debt,

so we have peace in the future, and no need to fret.

Happy Thanksgiving!

*Thanks so much, Hunter and Natalie, Christi, and Heather!

** These are just some highlights, of course. A couple other things of this week: I get to see brothers on Thursday, and I was able to redeem my Bing rewards points for a Starbucks card in time for the BOGO deal. Free date for the fam! (PG sampled the whipped cream.)


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