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Strategic Entertainment– Two Favorite Podcasts


Later this week, I’ll post a few tips on saving money on monthly bills, like internet, but this post is about choosing the type of entertainment I enjoy.

I like watching or listening to shows while I sew, fold laundry, or do other menial tasks. Lately, however I’ve been convicted about the worldly values on several of the shows that I watch. If I am in the mindset of being in a spiritual battle, I want to minimize the enemy’s propaganda in my and my family’s lives. Maybe someday I will be able to just enjoy the silence, but for now I’m trying to substitute these shows with entertainment with God’s values. Here are a couple I enjoy. These are both podcasts, and also available from their websites, so you can play them whenever you want, play past episodes, and play as many as you want.

Revive our Hearts“—this radio show, hosted by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and targeted at women, has short segments each weekday. There are interviews and teaching from the Bible. This program is always reminding me about the Bible’s importance in my life, my need to prioritize it above other things, and my need to be in it every day. In early November, the series I just finished listening to, they interviewed Kate McCord, the author of “In the Land of Blue Burqas.”

She worked with an NGO for five years in Afghanistan and tells the stories of her friendships with the women there and how God worked. (Afghanistan is called the worst place in the world to be born a woman. If you have read A Thousand Splendid Suns, it sounded like it isn’t far off). I would definitely recommend listening to it.

A caveat: during lessons with more teaching, it does require that I focus a bit, but the interviews with people are pretty easy to listen to while doing something else.

Another podcast we really like is a news podcast, “The World and Everything in It.” This is a weekly news program that tries to approach the news with a Christian perspective. Honestly, when I find a lot of news discouraging, annoying, or just plain scary, it is encouraging to hear it balanced with World’s yearly Effective Compassion Contest—highlighting ministries that fight local poverty, sin, and sin’s effects with a personal and long-term method. It is also encouraging to hear interviews with people like Ben Carson, the Christian brain surgeon, and how God raised him up from an unsuspecting background.

Have you listened to these? Do you have any suggestions for podcasts or shows for me?


4 thoughts on “Strategic Entertainment– Two Favorite Podcasts

  1. You should chat with my mom. I have no idea what she listened to, but she had sermons and talk shows and things going ALL the time (except when the Bible songs took over) while doing housework and folding laundry and cooking dinner. I assume she still does. I feel like it probably made me smarter…

  2. I like Dr. David Jeremiah’s streaming radio sermons on his Turning Point website!

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