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Recipes Worth Repeating: Homemade Pizza


One thing we eat about once per week is pizza. And for about the last six months, we have not eaten any frozen pizza. We decided we like the homemade kind much better, and we can make two medium-large-ish pizzas for a total of about $5!

I have a bread machine thanks to my great aunt Clara, and I use this recipe: Easy Peezy Pizza Dough. You only need to plan ahead about 2 hours before you want your pizza, throw everything into the machine and hit start. Not to worry if you don’t have a machine though. There are recipes for pizza dough that you freeze ahead, don’t knead, etc. Just go hunt on the internet.

Divide the finished dough into two equal parts and either use your hands or a greased rolling pin to stretch it into a large, thin circle. Lately I’ve been into the rolling pin.

Then we top it with a bit of olive oil and salt (pizza sauce if I feel like splurging), whatever toppings we have on hand (tomatoes are always good if you don’t use sauce), and plenty of cheese. One favorite uses raspberry pepper jelly for the sauce, cut-up cooked chicken, onions, and mozzarella, but we also make veggie pizzas a lot, as we tend to have a lot of vegetables on hand.

The key to getting a crisp crust with perfectly done toppings is to use either a pizza stone or a metal pizza pan with holes in the bottom, turn up the heat to about 450 F (pizza stone) or 400 F (metal pan) and blast it for about 9-13 minutes.

Here’s another pic. We usually get a dinner and a lunch out of the two pizzas. (We had it with yellow beans on the side.)

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3 thoughts on “Recipes Worth Repeating: Homemade Pizza

  1. I might have to try this! I have not found a recipe for pizza crust that Justin and I both like, and I never use my bread machine!

  2. I couldn’t agree more! I looove making homemade pizza. One of my favorite recipes (and tips) is here:

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