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Movie Review: October Baby

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The TSH and I actually stayed up late Friday night to watch a movie. October Baby had arrived to Redbox, and we had been wanting to watch it. Thankfully, we were not disappointed.


The story deals with a college student, Hannah, who finds out she was born at 24 weeks gestation due to a botched abortion attempt and adopted. She goes on a road trip with a friend to search for her birth mother in the hopes of understanding herself better.

The film was marketed somewhat as a pro-life film, and it has one scene in which Hannah hears her birth story from a former abortion clinic nurse who quit after Hannah’s birth, but the main theme is actually forgiveness, along with trusting God with your children. Additionally, the lady who plays Hannah’s birth mom, gives her testimony during the credits of God’s forgiveness (She had gotten an abortion when she was younger, that no one knew about until this movie.)

We felt like this movie was done really well. Not going to win any Academy Awards, probably, but definitely not bad. (And I have seen some really poorly done Christian movies). The main thing I look for in movies, especially Christian movies, is that the characters are believable–able to identify with, and I found these to be so. There weren’t any artificial-sounding sermons from characters. Rather a few well-placed lines, mostly from a priest pointing out the need to forgive as Christ has forgiven us and the liberation that forgiveness brings.

I wouldn’t recommend letting children watch this movie. It’s completely clean, but they might be disturbed at the description of the botched abortion. Other than that, I’d recommend it to about everyone: parents, teenagers, those who had an abortion in the past. I will issue the warning to have a box of Kleenex close, as you will probably need it, especially if you have ever lost a baby.

With that said, I hope several of you can spare a dollar and enjoy watching it. Let me know what you think!


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